Friday, July 14, 2017

June and July OMB market stalls

You might remember that in June I was at the Lakeland miniature guild fun day and was working on my projects for a OMB.  That stands for one a month bunch.   You see it results in more finished projects

Here we are at the end of June.  

 Cute huh?

Here the are today.   

Christmas stall

The Plant Guy stall


The cake stall

Now I have to find the quarter scale coffee cups.  Really small cups so it might be more fun to just buy more!

On to the last stall.  If ain't junk if somebody wants it market stall.  Words to live by.  

These were so much fun.  Now what will it be in August?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lakeland Miniature Guild - Fun Day

I very seldom finish off a project this quickly.   Generally they
sit around for awhile and then I get the mad urge to finish it.   Well today the urge hit and I finished my project.  

   Lovely lantern with lots of stuff

Lots of stuff on the desk.    Also a snack that I think will be enjoyed along with reliving a past experience with the love letters on the chair.

A lovely top not on the lantern.   Lovely flowers!!

Lakeland Miniature Guild always have great events.   Unfortunately I missed their Fun Day last year, but oh so happy to be back to enjoying it this year.   Love the trip.   Take 27 hwy up thru the middle of the state and enjoy the scenery.   I also enjoy Michaels at Sebring and Hobby Lobby when I get to Lakeland.  

Looking forward to next year when they do a Christnas theme.   I don't think you can have too many Christmas theme projects.   

Monday, July 3, 2017

April birthday swap - oh boy I'm losing my mind.

I am the swap coordinator for the birthday swap for Swap Shop.  We didn't have very many participants but I was sure to mark all the birthdays and mail dates on my calendar.  We have a birthday at the end of this month and I'm getting ready to mail the gifts.

Laying in bed this morning I couldn't remember what I got for my April birthday.  Why oh why not??  Apparently I'm losing my mind.  When I opened the box where all the swaps are waiting until their mail date, what did I find?   I found my swap.  A great big thank you to Fern, Barb, Laurie and Adrian.  Sorry to be so late.  

I got great items.  Thanks again. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Lakeland Miniature Show - Class - Mad Hatter Tea Party Table

Yesterday I drove from Key West to Lakeland.   Met up with some friends and we had dinner.   Early this morning - 8 am to be exact - our Mad Hatter Class started.   There were 10 of us.   It was an all day class.   We made all the things on the table except, of course, the tea set and plates and cups.   Made little sandwiches and sweets.   Lots of each.     

Lots of classes to choose from.    Since I could only attend one, I had to buy a Raggedy Ann Kit.   Can't leave Raggedy Ann out of the scheme of things. 


Here is a picture of the little scones we made.   Being a bit of an over-achiever, I made 8 of them - all you needed was four so I have extras to use.

Here is the picture of the finished product.  Oops - I don't have the two napkins on the table but will try to make better ones before I glue them on the table.  Don't want to have to scrape them off.  

 Don't you just love it.   When I perfect the napkins, they will go in the one empty space in the front of the table.  

Tomorrow is Fun Day and we will be doing a lady's desk with accessories.   31 people are signed up and it should be great fun!!!!  

Stay tuned for more pictures.  

Added the napkins.    They had another type of napkin done in the class but I went back to my old favorite.   

My sister gave me this dome some time ago and I decided it would be a perfect way to display my lovely Mad Hatter's Table.  

Friday, May 19, 2017

April and May QS miniature projects

In April I built the centerpiece of my town fair.  

 A very cute building.  

Well, I love fairs, yard sales, and all things similar



This was such a fun project

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Finishable projects - Art and Soul Update

As many of you know, I spent a week in Portland the first week of April.  Here was the picture I posted then. 

I hate unfinished projects so I am in process of finishing those unfinished one I came home with.

A little filled spaces, a few more branches, a color tone-down  and 6 coats of varnish.   It is now mounted on the wall.   The little one is done too and will be a gift for a very good friend.  

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Art and Soul - Day 7 and last day in classes

Today I take two classes.   I am excited about the things I will learn and what I come away with.   But before that - last nights Vendor Night was spectacular.   The year I went to Virginia Beach - I wasn't there for Vendor Night but this is the 3rd year for Vendor Night in Portland and this was BY FAR the best.   Lots of vendors and lots of good things to entice me.   The chant in my brain was. REMEMBER YOU ARE FLYING HOME!!!!   Hard sometimes to remember so I had to temper the urge to buy things!!!!!  

The day class was Abstract Trees taught by Carol Nelson .   Here are some of her works:

 I totally love he color themes.  

Here's more:


Here's  how far I got with one project.   Two more still in the early phases and won't get finished until I get home.  

Amazing, I skipped dinner and went to the room to finish packing as much as possible.   Took about a 45 minute nap and that really helped with me getting to the Stencil Savey class.   It was taught by Eric Scott.   Former teacher who said he would rather teach and make art.   

 Eric showing us how to cut stencils.   I love stencils and have never cut one.   Can't say that anymore.
 I wanted to keep it simple.   How about rectangles.    Showing us how to do people and other items, including words we like or the alphabet. 

 The woman next to me has corgies! She did a stencil featuring her dog.   I love it.

As a throwback to two years ago when I took a class called collage your pet,  == the same woman did her corgie. In front of a map of England  and put a crown on her corgie.   Inspires me to do more collages

  It was so cute,

I'm off to home very early in the morning and I will be glad to get home. 

I hope you have enjoyed my posts and have found them informative or entertaining.    Probably won't post for a bit and get rested up from this trip.

Thanks for coming along for the ride with me.

Let me know what you thought.