Sunday, January 21, 2018

One of my obsessions is making Jewelry!!! More Necklaces!!!

My husband is always teasing me about getting or making another necklace.   My usual answer to whether or not I have enough necklaces is ‘almost enough”.   Well, I’m getting closer.

A few weeks ago I went to a yard sale and bought a whole bunch of beads in two plastic boxes.   One of the bosses had about a gallon of small pearls.  I thought they would make nice necklaces.   What do you think.

 Red is one of my favorite colored!

Black is also a favorite.

More red, more black and another choice or two.

This was rewired because wire had tarnished.   All new and ready to wear!

Arrow head gussied up!   Love it. 

This piece was also rewrapped.   Makes it look quite new.

Some of my favorite colors.  

More Blue - also a favorite.

More Black.

The bottom one really turned out better than I thought.   Wore it this morning to breakfast and can tell it will be one of my favorites.   

I can’t help it but sometimes I get obsessive.   This week has been one of them.   

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Recently I participated in a swap for 1/12 scale Christmas ornaments.   Well they arrived recently and here is the finished 6 Inch Tree.  Used all the ornaments from the swap and a few others I had on hand.  


Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

December OMB

It’s been a busy year with doing so many unfinished projects during the year.   Keeps me moving and getting lots of things done.   I found a supply of these little cloches and I LOVE THEM. You will probably see them in the future.   

In this festive little room we are waiting for our guests to show up so we can have some snacks and open gifts.   Always fun.

The chair backs have little doll houses featured on them.   Don’t miss the cat who has stacked out her spot.    Oh what fun we are to have!!!!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


My watermelons came out so good,I thought I’d try something else.  Pumpkins, I thought.  

Above are before highlighting.

After highlighting.

In the kitchen. 

Really having fun paintin!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Watermelon, watermelon and more watermelon.

I love watermelons  and have always had a lot of them in small rooms like my guest bath.   11 or 12 years ago I read about an art display - called 50 creations in 50 days.   The one that caught my attention was 50 Miniature assemblages.    I don’t remember the exact rules of the art contest but I believe it was 6x6 inches.   There were the assemblages, landscapes, portraits, nudes and probably other things.   I thought that takes real concentration to do something for 50 days.   I decided I would do that.   UGH!   Bad.   I got to 8 and decided I didn’t have another original thought on watermelons in my head.   The pictures I display here are only 6 of the 8.   I didn’t think the other 2 worthy of the price of the frame.   It gave me new appreciation of what some people accomplish.   The acrylic in the middle of the display is another attempt to get better at painting.   I like the results.    The 3D pieces are part of my collection of watermelons. 

The latest painting I’ve done.  12x12 inches.  

Thanks for viewing my blog. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Pears, pears and more pears!

When I retired a little more than 11 years ago, I have a good friend, Pam, who asked me what I was painting.  What prompted her question was I had always said when I retired, I wanted to do lots of painting.   It was about 6 months into my retirement and I hadn’t painted anything.   Well, I got my oils out and after quite a few nights of doing this painting, I came up with this painting.

As I said, it was done in oil and I was pleased with it.   Last year, my friend, Michelle, was moving and she wanted to trade some art work.   She is an amazing assemblage artist, so I got several pieces of her art and she has my pears.   Above they are shown in her guest room.

Okay, they have been gone about a year and I have since switched from oil to acrylics and had worked up some frames I had found and was ready to paint again.   I wanted more pears.

Slightly different in color but I like it.   Here it is in my guest bath..  

I decided it needed another pear and this week finished this.

Quite different style, but oh, I do like it.   

I have one more pear in my kitchen and I have ordered a frame for it.  It too will join the others in my guest bath.   

I do love pears, they are so much fun.  

I really

Saturday, November 25, 2017

November OMB She Shed in Blue

I love quarter scale projects.   Complete them a bit quicker and they don’t take up much room - considering I am entirely OUT OF ROOM!!!

I ordered this little project a while back and decided it would be the perfect project to finish this month.

I absolutely love my walls full of pictures and you can see one wall has a filled shelf and two paintings.    I haven’s figured out what I will put on the slanting wall, but trust me — something will go there.  I love the little fan in the corner.   Like to have the breeze and noise from a fan.   Missing so far is a few magazines, but somewhere in my stash are some printies and they will eventually be found and added to the couch.

No TV in this room - need to have a space that is free from distractions.

Can’t have a room without an animal - hence the cat!!! 

Love this little project and so very glad I got in done this month.